Hi! I am Sarah Gorev ...

I believe in squeezing every experience we can out of life! I relish a challenge and an adventure whether it is sky diving in New Zealand, climbing Kilimanjaro, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, abseiling down Table Mountain, diving with dolphins in the Red Sea, volunteering at a Commonwealth Games, hanging out at music and comedy festivals or being a mum. In fact, tell me I can't do something and I will probably give it a good go and usually succeed!

Here's a bit about my journey so far....

I gained an honours degree in Business from Edinburgh University and started my career in marketing by working with global brands in Brand Manager positions for Cadbury Schweppes and Douwe Egberts. (Chocolate and coffee - work with what you love, right!)

In 2010, while juggling a toddler and a baby, I drew on my marketing background and started a small business helping business owners with social media through training and management. I did this so that I could manage my work around enjoying time with my children... and never looked back!

I had the privilege to work with hundreds of incredible small businesses on exciting and interesting projects and all while having spending quality time with my family. 

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I don't know about you but I found going in to lockdown forced me to slow down, particularly while home schooling. I came to realise I wanted to step into something bigger and more meaningful. I decided to take this time as an incredible opportunity to work on personal as well as business development -> re-thinking what I want to get out of life and how I can really help others achieve the same.

I'd learnt a huge amount about having an online business from my own experiences and those of clients so decided to train further and expand my offers. I am proud to say I became a CPD and IAPC&M accredited certified Conscious Business Consultant* and Energy Practitioner* giving me a huge toolkit to expand my services. I can now help even more online business owners to push past blocks and accelerate their success.

EFT (Tapping)

Discovering Emotional Freedom Technique has incredible! I am very aware of the mind and body connection from having an incredible experience of using hypnobirthing to have my children and how ignoring physical warning signs can lead to poor mental health. After becoming an Energy Practitioner I started researching different modalities and was fascinated by the speed and ease with which EFT can help such a wide variety of fears, trauma and pain. I was drawn to this technique and it's potential to help my clients so trained in 2023 to become an EFT Practitioner. I can now support clients with personal issues (conscious and unconscious issues) that are holding them back in personal and business situations. The results I see are evidence to know this is the work I was always meant to do.


My varied personal and business experiences have highlighted how we can have all the tools but if we don't believe in ourselves or have energetic blocks then we won't reach the success we strive for. My vision is for everyone to be able to understand how to move through issues safely to step into their best self.

Here's how you can work with me:

* What is a Conscious Business Consultant?

The word 'conscious' is used in a variety of contexts but at it's core means being aware of self, of others, of surroundings.

As a Conscious Consultant and Leader, I align with and prioritise the following:

△ Self awareness in all I do, in particular the affect my actions can have on others.
△ Inclusion, diversity and equity across my company.
△ To withhold strong boundaries for the good of all concerned.
△ To show curiosity and compassion in my dealings with all fellow humans.
△ To deliver on my promises and never make false claims.
△ To graciously admit and deal with mistakes promptly.
△ Client experience and transformation is the number one priority.
△ Lead with love, always.
△ To do the right thing, particularly when nobody's looking

*What is an Energy Practitioner?

I am trained in The Conscious Energy Clearing Method®. Working with the chakras, this method uses The Expansion Codes®.

It can be incredibly powerful at removing energetic blocks that are holding you back in business such as limiting beliefs, fears, lack of confidence or focus, imposter syndrome, self-sabotage or money issues.

Sessions are personalised to your needs, conducted over zoom and last one hour. The session ends with recommended embodiment practices to help you step into your new identity during the period of clearing and beyond.

Energy clearing sessions are available as part of the 121 Business Development Programme and can also be booked separately if it is something you are specifically looking for.

Sounds a bit woo-woo and not for you? That is fine! I am happy to explain the method further or leave it out of the programme completely, using other mindset tools instead.