Online Business Growth

If you are an online business owner with a passion for growing your online business consciously then you are in the right place.

I help business owners identify gaps, clear personal blocks and take focussed action to grow a successful online business that they love.

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Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m a certified Conscious Business Consultant, EFT and Energy Practitioner who helps small business owners to gain focus, energy and, using the Conscious Growth Framework™, take supported aligned action to grow their online business and be proud of their success. 

I love helping online business owners to achieve the results they deserve through robust strategies that work while holistically incorporating EFT (tapping) and energy work. My approach is to help you develop your online business in a way that you feel proud of and it's development excites you.
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My philosophy

I believe that with the right skills and mindset, you can achieve more than your dared to think possible. 

Finding a clear path to personal as well as conscious business development can be confusing and overwhelming.

Business owners looking for my help all share a mission to achieve more with their business but without it being at the expense of their health or personal values.

Business Development - learn and action ways to work in line with your values AND get profitable results (it doesn't have to be either/or!). No more second guessing what is missing with my Business Audit and 121 Business Development Programme

Energy - remove energetic blocks, to work without resistance, negative self belief or self sabotage with my Conscious Energy Clearing® or EFT sessions available separately or as part of the 121 Business Development Programme

What about you?

Have you have created a business you love in order to have a more balanced life on your terms?

Have you have tasted success with your business?


It's not working out quite the way you had hoped. Initial success may be slowing and distractions are leading to overwhelm, lack of focus and feeling like you are constantly working so your energy is draining.  

It's important to you that your work reflects your values as well as delivering valuable experiences to your clients/ customers. 

I can help you . . .

As someone who will listen, understand and create a personalised plan to fit you and your business situation and challenges.

Find that missing piece that will simplify, balance and allow you to love your work.

Bring order and focus with proven tools that can be trusted to make a real difference to your business.

Create and implement a clear focussed plan to achieve growth and balance.

Remove energy blocks that are holding you back.

Love your business and enjoy your work again.

The Conscious Impact Framework

The beating heart of my 121 programme is my signature system -  The Conscious Impact Framework.

It incorporates trademarked tools that have successfully helped hundreds of small businesses to achieve growth over 12 months.

This framework ensures you:

  • achieve clarity
  • find confidence
  • take supported action
  • achieve the growth and impact you want for you and your business.

My 121 Programme provides a supported and personalised approach to business development. This progresses at a speed you are comfortable with so you can be confident in everything you do.

"From the start to the finish of the training programme, I found her to be knowledgeable and easy to understand. She was able to pinpoint my most warranted needs and work on those with an ease that I didn't think possible."

"Sarah adapts her style and content to my level and expertly helps a business to move forward and be empowered"

"Sarah came up with some innovative ideas and helped me focus clearly on what I was trying to achieve and how to follow that through. Didn't take up nearly enough of Sarah's time and will be knocking on her door again shortly for further support and guidance!" 

This is a safe space - the business audit, 121 and energy clearing sessions are an opportunity for you to discuss your business in an open and confidential manner with someone who cares and wants to support you.

We are all on a journey and as long as your intention is to learn and grow then you are in the right place and you will be supported.