One to One - Conscious Energy Clearing Method®

Remove energetic blocks that are holding you back in business by clearing resistance, negative self belief and self-sabotage.

Are you feeling any of the following?

  • Not taking action 
  • Hiding 
  • Getting stuck in perfectionism or preparation 
  • Jumping from strategy to strategy 
  • Feel stuck or resistant to change

I can help!

The Conscious Energy Clearing Method® could lead to big transformations for you and your business!

Everything is made up of energy and we can transform that energy to better support us. Every thought, every belief, every experience is represented within the energy layers around our body.
Our Chakras, which are energetic centres that connect with our physical bodies and our energy bodies, act like a communication centre.

Working with this energy system using the Conscious Energy Clearing Method® can clear limiting beliefs, negative narratives and resistance.

I use Expansion Codes® that focus on particular problems that are holding you back with your business including issues with money or abundance, being considered an expert, fear of judgement, self-sabotage, self-trust and self-worth, imposter syndrome.

You may not know what is holding you back - it can be masked by something else. My consultation before the session will help uncover the codes that are right for you. 

This shows you the steps you will go through as part of the the Conscious Energy Clearing Method®. 

The method was developed by Gemma Went (multi-award winning Online Business Mentor) in collaboration with Michelle Lowbridge (expert Energy Healer and creator of Energy Editing® and Ease Method®). I am a certified trained practitioner of their bespoke energy healing method.

I have seen amazing results for myself and others and can't wait to share it with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Exploratory Session
Once you have paid, book a date to meet on zoom for an exploratory session - I will take you through a series of simple questions so that we can uncover problems and identify goals for the energy clearing session. You do not need to prepare anything - this is not a test and there are no right and wrong answers - it is just a friendly chat so I will be able to prepare the session for you to have the best experience and results. (If you do prefer to see the questions before hand then they are available when you sign up.)

Energy Clearing Experience
This session is also conducted over zoom at a time to suit you. I will direct you to use the energy system to clear the limiting belief, negative narrative or resistance by releasing the relevant energy. The Expansion Codes® used to do this are specifically selected for you based on the exploratory chat. The session will last approximately one hour and can include up to four codes specifically selected for you.

Follow up
I will recommend self care and embodiment practices that will support your session but also deepen the results of your energy clearing. This after care will be personalised for you. 

Some of the Expansion Codes® only need to be run once but others can be repeated. If you decide you would like to have a further session, there will be a discount code available to you for a second session. 

Great, I look forward to seeing you soon. Click the link button below to be taken to the booking page.

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