One to One - Business Development

One-to-one business development (6 months) - from frazzled to achieving the results you want with your business.

This personalised course is perfect for online business owners looking to grow but who are feeling stuck.

At the core of my course is the Conscious Impact Framework that incorporates trademarked tools that have successfully helped hundreds of businesses to achieve next level growth.

Who do I work with?

I work with conscious online business owners who have left the corporate world and started a business to achieve a more balanced life and control over what they do.  

My clients have been in business for a couple of years and, after tasting success, are looking for a programme to super-charge their results.

They don't want to experience burnout to achieve the results.

They value growth, inclusivity, connection, balance and creativity.

They are serious about making changes to live the life they want.

If this resonates, I would love to work with you.

Following my Conscious Impact framework ensures you: -

  • achieve clarity 
  • build confidence  
  • take supported action 
  • achieve the growth and impact you want without sacrifice to your personal life.

It recognises the interaction between the person, business and environment. The programme delivers a positive impact all three areas.

Looks like a lot? It is! This a comprehensive programme that reaches beyond the theory to supported, aligned action to get you the results you want. 

My 121 Programme provides a supported and personalised approach to business development. This progresses at a speed you are comfortable with so you can be confident in everything you do.

Are you...

... finding growth slowing or has stalled with your business?

... struggling to resist lots of shiny distractions on social media promising to help but leading to overwhelm and lack of focus?

... starting to feel like work is taking over your life too much and your energy for it is draining?

... fed up of being promised the world by coaches and courses that don't deliver?

...avoiding cookie cutter impersonal courses that you will never finish or action?  

... don't want to be overwhelmed with hours of recorded videos and extra to do lists that can cause anxiety and will never get done?  

I can help if you...

... need someone with proven tools and ability that can be trusted to make a real difference to your business.

... want to work with someone who you feel will listen and understand you and your business situation and challenges.  

... want someone to work with you on creating and implementing a clear focussed plan to achieve growth.  

... need someone to help you balance your personal and business responsibilities.  

... want someone who understands your need for your business to reflect your values of inclusivity and responsibility so you love and enjoy your work.

Interested but prefer to have a chat first to check the course will deliver what you need? Fill in the form below and I am happy to discuss it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is conducted over zoom 

  • 1 hour Business Audit to identify gaps and priorities.
  • Audit report with ongoing bespoke session roadmap. 
  • 12 x 1 hour zoom sessions with Sarah. These are conducted bi-weekly at a time and day to suit you. The content will depend on your needs. 
  • Time Management and Planning Systems 
  • Membership to a community of value-led small business owners who are on the same or similar journey.

The course is personalised to your requirements so every clients experience is bespoke to them. It can include combinations of the following to move you through the framework. It may look overwhelming but my job includes ensuring it is not. We only include what you need and cover it at a pace relevant to your time and learning style. 

  • AWARENESS: A comprehensive business audit will uncover what's holding you back with your business success.  Get focused on the best business building actions to take. This will guide our priorities for the rest of your personalised programme.
  • FOCUS: Using the tools within the Conscious Growth Framework® we will work on research, strategy, marketing, sales and operations focussing on what you need to implement/ alter for get the best results for you and your business.
  • BELIEVE: Working with the Conscious Energy Clearing Method® and embodiment practices. 
  • ACTION: A system is put in place to create and track your long and shorter term action plans.
  • ACHIEVE: Tracking your action enables you to easily see the growth achieved by your business and celebrate successes.
  • EVOLVE: Reviewing your plans based on results and market changes and opportunities over time enables you to evolve and keep reaching higher.

The Conscious Growth Framework forms the backbone of the focus section. It incorporates the following powerful methods:

  • The Online Exploration Experience®: The research and validation process is critical for business success. It is foundational and often forgotten or dismissed. Using this method I take you through step-by-step how to research, validate and innovate. I have used it in my business and it was so enlightening, gave me incredible clarity and saved me wasting hours on developing services that weren't needed or interesting to clients. 
  • The Game Plan Method®: Getting down to my favourite method, this powerful process creates a robust online business strategy and revenue model for you.  It is easy to follow and I can't wait to take you through it.
  • The Evergreen Evolution Method®: This evergreen marketing and sales system makes so much sense and can replace exhausting launches. Following this process together will give you a clear path to an evergreen system that has been the secret to the success of hundreds of small businesses. 
  • The Ultimate Ops Method®: No need to hide! I will guide you through this easy to follow method for your operations structure. This includes exercises that I found transformed my business to streamline it in a way that saves me so much time. 
  • The Conscious Energy Clearing Method®: this moves us in to the Believe part of my Conscious Impact Framework. 

This is an incredibly powerful method and I have seen some impressive results during my training. The method was developed by Gemma Went (multi-award winning Online Business Mentor) in collaboration with Michelle Lowbridge (expert Energy Healer and creator of Energy Editing® and Ease Method®). They created this bespoke energy healing method and I have been trained and certified directly by Gemma.

There are all sorts of energy blocks that may occur that are holding you back. The specific problems this helps with are: Imposter Syndrome
Lack of Self Belief
Money Blocks
Self Sabotage
Worrying What Others
And many more...

We will talk through this together in more detail during the Believe part of the programme and I will find the perfect combination of Expansion Codes® to release your blocks.

This course is run for a six month period. 

Yes! Click here to book the Business Audit separately. As this forms a key part to the start of this programme, if you decide to continue on to the programme, I will deduct the cost from the programme cost. 

I am happy to discuss your individual needs via email: